I’m quite passionate about running, biking and triathlons. Although not particularly good at any of them, I’m having a hell lot of fun!

It hasn’t always been this way. I grew up with a bit of excess weight, hardly worked out except for the occasional hike. Picked up smoking as a teenager, recreational at first, eventually worked through one to two packs a day for a good number of years. Took up every opportunity for social drinking, mostly beer and wine, sometimes harder liquor too. During my twenties I’d be tipsy or flat out drunk multiple times a week.

Then I decided for a healthier lifestyle. Started running, developed a passion for mountain biking and later road biking. Currently getting my high on triathlons.

What follows is a list of races I’ve participated in. Publishing it keeps me honest with myself and on track to reach my goals. And it’s very motivating!


Two running races so far. One half marathon and one full marathon. The former was a couple of weeks after I quit smoking. And I made pretty much all the mistakes one can fall for in the first race…

That experience left me frustrated and I wasn’t eager to participate in further races. Until last year, when my brother convinced me to attempt the full marathon. I trained for about two months, followed the workout plan to the letter. Race day came and it was a blast! I was slow but the race itself went smoothly. In fact it was less demanding than I thought it would be!

Date Event Distance Total
2015-Oct-11 M√ľnchen Marathon 42.2 km (Marathon) 04:52:25
2007-Sep-22 Greifenseelauf 21.1 km (Half Marathon) 02:21:25


I’ve raced my first triathlon this year. An Olympic distance triathlon in Hamburg, together with some ten co-workers. Swimming isn’t really my favorite, yet went surprisingly OK. Biking went well too, even felt I could have pushed harder. But running was the toughest part. Cramps hit me while still in transition zone and lasted until the finish line.

I have one more race scheduled this year, the Ironman 70.3 in Zell am See, Austria. Six weeks after my first ever triathlon. Looking forward to it with a mix of daunting anticipation and excitement. Especially given the 1300 meters of ascent on the 90 km bike track.

Next year I’ll attempt the Ironman 140.6 in Frankfurt, together with my brother and a friend. My brother has completed two Ironman races already, so I’m counting on his guidance.

Date Event Distance Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
2017-Jul-09 Ironman 140.6 Frankfurt 3.8-180-42.2 upcoming
2016-Aug-28 Ironman 70.3 Zell am See 1.9-90-21.1 00:50:00 00:07:30 03:20:00 00:07:30 02:30:00 target: 06:55:00
2016-Jul-17 Hamburg Triathlon 1.5-40-10 (Olympic) 00:33:57 00:07:21 01:10:51 00:05:31 00:58:09 02:55:47

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