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I’m principal engineer and coding architect at AutoScout24 in Munich, Germany. I work closely with 10 teams and am responsible for the overall product architecture. The stack I’m involved with covers AWS, Scala, Play, TypeScript and React.

Previously I’ve spent 6 years as lead software engineering consultant at ThoughtWorks, working with clients in Brazil (Porto Alegre), USA (San Francisco) and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich).

Prior to that I’ve co-founded a tech consulting company in Zurich, Switzerland.

Techwise I’m focusing on large-scale cloud architectures (especially on AWS), security engineering and Agile methodologies. I’m also interested in high-performance web applications and collaboration software.

Besides work I like to spend my time training for triathlons, reading books, tinkering on open source projects, gardening this website and traveling for leisure.

You can reach me at firstname dot lastname at gmail. My public key has ID 1FCE89F3, download it as .asc or .gpg.

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