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This is my “now” page, which is somewhat of a mix between an “about” page and a “what are you up to?” page. I drew inspiration from an idea by Derek Sivers.

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I live in Munich, Germany, and work at AutoScout24, the largest online car marketplace in Europe, in the role of Director of Engineering. I lead the Search & Performance group, which builds the core products matching buyers (demand) with relevant car stock (supply), providing the best possible experience while serving mutual interests. I additionally lead the Engineering Effectiveness group, responsible for developing tech strategy, guidance and tooling so that all engineering teams can work as effectively as possible.

Before that I’ve led AutoScout24’s migration to AWS, in preparation of retiring the two physical datacenters (roughly 230 applications, 1500 server instances, 19 racks – all in 14 months). I’ve also worked a number of years as software engineer in different product teams, with a focus on overall software architecture, before transitioning into the management side of tech.

Previously I’ve spent 6 years as software engineering consultant at ThoughtWorks, working with clients in Brazil (Porto Alegre), USA (San Francisco) and Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich).

Prior to that I’ve co-founded a technology consulting company in Zurich, Switzerland.

Following my daughter’s birth in 2020, I’m spending most of my non-work time with family and friends. When I do find a quiet minute, I try to continue reading books (despite the strong appeal of just taking a nap instead, as nights have suffered since becoming a dad) and to tinker on side projects. I also continue being an accounting and productivity nerd.

You can reach me at: hello -at- this domain. My public GPG key has ID 1FCE89F3, download it as .asc or .gpg.

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