Serge Gebhardt

Hi! My name is Serge Gebhardt. I’m a software developer and engineering leader. Always curious, with a healthy dose of pragmatic optimism.

I work as Director of Engineering at AutoScout24 in Munich, Germany. More info on the now page. See the bookshelf for past and current readings.

You can reach me at: hello -at- this domain. My public GPG key has ID 1FCE89F3, download it as .asc or .gpg.


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Here are some projects I like to spend my spare time on, in no particular order:

  • acdcli is a command line tool for the Amazon Cloud Drive. More information in the README.

  • go-acd is a golang library for interacting with the Amazon Cloud Drive. It is the foundation for acdcli (see above). Work in progress, focused on read-only operations for now.

  • go-tuikit is an MVC framework for terminal applications written in golang. Has been laying around for some time, without any signifant real-world usage.

  • My dotfiles, continuously tweaked and extended.

  • vim-diff-fold adds support for folding diffs in vim. I also maintain vim-matlab which is a convenience repo for MATLAB-related vim plugins to be used in Vundle or Pathogen.

More projects and random hackeries here and on my github page.