Serge Gebhardt

Welcome! My name is Serge Gebhardt. I am a software engineer, gadget lover and Agile enthusiast. Always curious, with a healthy dose of pragmatic optimism.

I work at AutoScout24 in Munich, Germany. More info on the now page. My current reading list is on the bookshelf.

You can reach me at firstname dot lastname at gmail. My public GPG key has ID 1FCE89F3, download it as .asc or .gpg.


More posts here.


Here are some projects I like to spend my spare time on, in no particular order:

  • acdcli is a command line tool for the Amazon Cloud Drive. More information in the README.

  • go-acd is a golang library for interacting with the Amazon Cloud Drive. It is the foundation for acdcli (see above). Work in progress, focused on read-only operations for now.

  • go-tuikit is an MVC framework for terminal applications written in golang. Has been laying around for some time, without any signifant real-world usage.

  • My dotfiles, continuously tweaked and extended.

  • vim-diff-fold adds support for folding diffs in vim. I also maintain vim-matlab which is a convenience repo for MATLAB-related vim plugins to be used in Vundle or Pathogen.

More projects and random hackeries here and on my github page.