Notes Homelab / Power Consumption

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This following are raw notes, often lacking explanations. I share them in the hope of being useful to somebody and for future reference to myself. See here for more info.

Here are quick notes on power consumption while testing my homelab equipment.

System CPU RAM Storage Other Idle Power Idle Monthly Energy Max Power
Dell R720 2x E5-2697v2 128 GB DDR3 4x 1GbE
Dell R730 2x E5-2699v4 160 GB DDR4-2133 (10x16GB) 4x 600 GB SAS 6 Gbps (2.5") 2x 10GbE + 2x 1GbE; 2x 750W PSU (1 connected) 98 W ~71 kWh > 400 W

Ideas to decrease power consumption:

  1. Move from smaller disks to fewer bigger disks.
  2. Upgrade from smaller RAM modules to bigger RAM modules (totalling to same capacity). Power consumption grows with amount of modules, not amount of capacity. P(2x16GB) > P(1x32GB).
  3. Double-check BIOS settings and OS support for power management.

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