Launch Magit from the command line

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I frequently want to open a Magit buffer on the current git repo when navigation directories from the command line.

With the following script saved in your local bin directory, type magit to open a new Emacs buffer with Magit status on the git repo of your current working directory. It creates a new Emacs frame if in graphical mode, or displays the buffer in the terminal otherwise. Very convenient.

Requires Emacs to run as server.


set -euo pipefail

if ! emacsclient -a false --eval nil --quiet >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    echo "Error: Emacs not running." >&2
    exit 1

IS_GRAPHICAL="$(emacsclient -a false --eval "(display-graphic-p)" --quiet)"

if [ "$IS_GRAPHICAL" = "t" ]; then

exec emacsclient $ARGS -c --eval "(progn (magit-status) (delete-other-windows))"
Code Snippet 1: ~/usr/bin/magit

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